W3 total cache settings


Could you please tell me what are the best options to choose from “W3 total cache”, so that i can get the best out of my site online? i have tried minifying with “W3 total cache” but it messes up with my site’s css completely. As a result of this, (even though on my wamp-localhost the site is fine) when i upload it on my live server i get this awful result i mentioned before.

Not to forget to mention, i am using WP Smush for my images and i cannot send you a link to the site, since it’s on a test mode and i have it password protected.

thanks in advance.

Hello @teo29,

There are no best options, it depends on many factors (and one of the most important factors is your hosting).

Speed optimization is complicated task and it has to be done only when you understand what are you doing (you learned it in the hard way with CSS minification).

But if you decided to do it yourself, good way to start is GTmetrix online tool (they give many useful advices and explanations there).

I hope that this info helps you.

Best Regards, Roman.