HI, I’m searching for a possibility to change this color of the two little lines below the title?
It works on all other plugins but not on the visual editor…

Pls help.



Widgets, not plugins:)

Regular widgets are not included in the Customizer options so you would need to add this code in a custom CSS plugin to change the colors (useful for any other custom code you might want in the future):

.panel.widget .widget-title:after {
   border-color: #333;

And simply change #333 to the color you want.

OK, I have just installed “simple Customs Css” plugin. How do I proceed now ?

How can I change the widget style of the Visual Editor ?

And normally the color numbers have 6 positions f.ex. #333333 ?

Now the plugin should appear in your admin area. Open it and add the code there.
And #333 is the same as #333333.
Here’s a screenshot on the plugin’s page, this is where you would add the code:

Ok, but when I do that I receive an error
"Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘.’ in /home/hinh17/public_html/wp-content/plugins/simple-custom-css/simple-custom-css.php on line 43"

Where is the mistake?

I’m guessing you added the code in the plugin’s files? That would cause the error. Just reinstall it.

You need to go to Appearance > Custom CSS and add the code there. I made a screenshot for you:

Ok, I’ve got it. But the 2 little lines in der Visual editor do not change to the color I wanted.

One last thing I have to do ?

Nope, that should be it. Can I see your website please?

Yes sure…

I have tried to change it again…but these two lines stay red…you will se it.

The code doesn’t appear to be added. Or maybe you have a caching plugin which needs clearing. If you can send an admin account for me at vlad[at] I can add it for you.

Meanwhile you should resize you header image, right now it’s 5312x2988px and it’s 5MB.