Visible Header Image

How do I make the header image visible in all screen sizes?
Why does parallax not work as parallax on mobile devices?


Header image is visible. Can you post your page link so we can check that closer?

The parallax effect is disabled on small screens because of poor support from mobiles for this.

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I am playing about with the Moesia theme here -
Trying this out to see if I like it then buy the pro version.
A couple of things I have noticed whilst doing this…

  1. Header image is not showing up when looking at the site on tablets, iPads and mobiles.
  2. Does parallax work on tablets and iPads?(I know it doesn’t on mobiles)
  3. When parallax is ‘turned off’ for mobiles are we able to change the background image / set background image to none?

Thanks for any info.


Your header image is working fine for me on iOS 8.4.1.

Unfortunately for me, my header image and welcome title are only loading intermittently on my mobile device. When they don’t load properly I see a quick flash of the welcome title as it scrolls upward into my menu bar and disappears and there is an empty gray box where the header image should be. I have to reload 3x for them to display properly.

A reboot of my device cured this problem! I feel so silly…

@ Andy Brockie


1. Header image is displayed fine, can you tr to visit demo site from your device in order to check this once again

2. Two things, parallax is design for wide screens (landscape) and touch devices are by default in portrait, and browser support on touch devices is poor for this kind of effects.

You can also check following post, where I explain similar things to one theme users Background image will be present on mobile but without parallax effect. Regarding hiding of image, this can be achieved with custom css code ut you will have to send us your page link.

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