Virus in sydney

Dear sydney team,

Thank you for your great theme. I installed it 2 times in a new Database.

By every installation and new installation in a new database, Antivirus find a virusin the new installation. So now i deletet the database and I must have delete sydney.

Can you check out that the installation is with no virus.

Please vive me an answer. Thankyou


Sydney theme is available for download from so if it contain virus it wont be approved by, and it is approved.

Which antivirus are you using, and more importantly which file is detected by antivirus software? Sometimes antivirus software can wrongly detect some file, and present it as a virus, and it is not, so you can disable antivirus while installing.

Lastly if your PC is already infected, virus can corrupt your newly downloaded files.

Best Regards

when i use the wordpress download everything is ok.

Then i go to your site and follow your list to install the samplepages. Then Antivirus say maleware found.

Antivirus find this from the wordpress installation:

the following was red markert

Nicht erneut hinweisen
if ( ! WP_Filesystem( $creds ) ) {

Nicht erneut hinweisen
if ( ! WP_Filesystem( $creds ) ) {

That’s not a virus and I assume that by antivirus you mean a security plugin you’re using?
Probably that plugin doesn’t like the usage of the filesystem API.