Vimeos not embedded anymore


Since a couple of days all our embedded Vimeo-videos are not shown anymore.
We changed nothing in detail, but wordpress got an automatic update… maybe that is the reason?
We updated now all to the latest version, but that doesn’t change anything.

We use the Sydney-Pro Widget “Video” and everthing worked without problems, but it broke somehow…
As a workaround we tested the original vimeo iframe-code, wicht worked.

Example with iframe-Code (OK):
Excample with “Sydney: Video” (not OK):

Any idea, why it does not work anymore?

Thanks for your support,

Hello Jörg,

Did you properly enter the video URL? Please check it once again.



Hi Kharis.

I tried your Link-version, but it is still the same problem.
As you can see on the given Link for “not OK”, theres no videolink in the source of the site… :frowning:

No difference if I use or
The first version is the one we get from vimeo via share-button, but both work without problems, when I use them direct in my browser.

Also the first worked without problems until a couple of days before… so maybe an update could be the problem?

Thanks for your Support,


I just tested and it seems to work fine with both Vimeo links.

Can you attach an export of your page please so I can test that too? You can get it if you edit your page and go to Layouts from the Page Builder options.


Hi Vlad,

no problem, but I can’t attach anything other than images? So here’s the json-content:
{"widgets":[{"title":"La Trattoria","content":"<div style=\"text-align:center;\">La Romantica</div>","panels_info":{"class":"WP_Widget_Custom_HTML","raw":false,"grid":0,"cell":0,"id":0,"widget_id":"47d26055-f763-4578-b95d-85d39a095719","style":{"background_image_attachment":false,"background_display":"tile","font_color":"#828282","content_alignment":"center","title_alignment":"center","title_color":"#47425d","headings_color":"#443f3f"}}},{"title":"","url":"","video_mode":"vid-normal","text":"","panels_info":{"class":"Sydney_Video_Widget","raw":false,"grid":1,"cell":0,"id":1,"widget_id":"411f9da0-bc74-4c12-8787-1269a40fa1d6","style":{"background_image_attachment":false,"background_display":"tile","content_alignment":"left","title_alignment":"center","title_color":"#47425d","headings_color":"#443f3f"}}},{"title":"Beschreibung","content":"Für das Restaurant \"La Romantica\" haben wir Anfang 2018 einen Imagefilm produziert.<br><br>\n\n<strong>Kunde:</strong> La Romantica<br>\n<strong>Produktion:</strong> LICHTFILMKONZEPTE<br>\n<strong>Format:</strong> Imagefilm<br>\n<strong>Zeitraum:</strong>\t2018\n","panels_info":{"class":"WP_Widget_Custom_HTML","raw":false,"grid":2,"cell":0,"id":2,"widget_id":"2621dbbc-8fe1-4487-941c-8380921f548a","style":{"background_image_attachment":false,"background_display":"tile","content_alignment":"left","title_alignment":"left","title_color":"#47425d","headings_color":"#443f3f"}}}],"grids":[{"cells":1,"style":{"padding":"5px","bottom_margin":"5px","gutter":"5px","row_stretch":"full","cell_alignment":"flex-start","align":"","overlay":"","overlay_color":"#000000"},"ratio":1,"ratio_direction":"right"},{"cells":1,"style":{"padding":"10px","bottom_margin":"10px","gutter":"10px","row_stretch":"full","cell_alignment":"flex-start","align":"","color":"#0a0a0a","overlay":"","overlay_color":"#000000"},"ratio":1,"ratio_direction":"right"},{"cells":1,"style":{"row_stretch":"full","cell_alignment":"flex-start","align":"","color":"#0a0a0a","overlay":true,"overlay_color":"#000000"},"ratio":1,"ratio_direction":"right"}],"grid_cells":[{"grid":0,"index":0,"weight":1,"style":[]},{"grid":1,"index":0,"weight":1,"style":[]},{"grid":2,"index":0,"weight":1,"style":[]}],"name":"La Romantica - Imagefilm"}

I don’t know if the problem is related, but meanwhile I always get the following message when I want to switch to the video widget for editing:

Service Unavailable
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.

To Edit or Change I delete the widget and insert it as a new one, then I can edit the content for one time and save it. when I want to edit/change again, this message appears again.


Hi there,

Sorry for the weekend delay.

I imported your layout and that also seems to work fine, without changing any of your settings.

My suggestion at this point is to try to disable your plugins, except Siteorigin and Sydney Toolbox and see if it helps. If it doesn’t, you can ask your host to have a look at your error logs as there should be some info there.


Hi Vlad.

We changed exactly … nothing, and now it works again.
I didn’t get a reply from the hoster, but I think they changed something.

Thanks for your support.


Alright, cool, happy to hear that.