Vimeo URL in Sydney Video widget not working +


I am using the Sydney Video widget and embedding a Vimeo url ( but it is not working. Embedding youtube url works fine. Could someone please check this. Not working on any browsers either.

Also, I have been getting much faster response rates from your team in the past but for some reason over the past several weeks I am not getting responses to my topic posts? Someone did respond 3 days ago to my 2 topics regarding the Navigation dropdown and Sub. navigation color and after receiving his email, I immediately posted his request of my website url (which I had forgotten to submit in my topic) but have heard nothing since then. I do understand you have many many topics to address, but I could really use some helps on these issues.

If someone could look into this and my topic posted 2 days ago I would be so happy for your help.


Hello there,

The Vimeo embed issue doesn’t seem to relate with the theme. Please refer here.

What will happen if you manually embed your Vimeo URL using the “Text” widget with the following format?

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Hi Kharis,

Thank you very much for that quick response. I did what you asked but the video is not showing up. Also, 2 days ago, my videos were showing up using Vimeo so not sure what happened?

Here are 2 screenshots for this topic, which shows how I am trying to achieve this.

Thanks again very much,

Hello Esteban,

Could you please try to temporarily deactivate the all additional plugins one by one?

Let me know how it goes.


Thank you. I will try this.

I was wondering if someone could look at my 2 other topics (Navigation dropdown and sub navigation spacing) posted 2+ days ago. I believe the navigation dropdown can be achieved by an @media adjustment but it’s not clear to me where this adjustment is made.