Vimeo in Revolution slider won't scroll

I use the revolution slider with a video from Vimeo - just one slide showing the video. The video should be fullscreen. My problem is: when the mouse is over the video it is not possible to scroll. When I set it to full screen I am not able to move around the page. Yesterday I solved it by making the video a bit smaller by checking Auto Responsive instead of fullscreen on “the slider layout”.
Should it be on Auto Responsive to work on all devices?
And how do I get the full screen video scrollable?

ah, by the way my page is

Hi, I tried to reproduce scrolling issue but without luck :confused: . I tried with rev slider that is bundled with theme.

Anyway, don’t worry about responsiveness, it will be responsive whether or not you use that option.

My settings for slider are:
Slider Layout: Full Screen
FullScreen Align: Off
Force Full Width: Off

But it also worked with default settings, maybe you made changes with some other option?

with my mouse I can use the scrolling wheel only when I place the cursor at the menu or further down. When I place it over the revolution slider video nothing happens when I scroll the wheel. If I set the video to full screen now I can’t do anything except for play and pause - I can’t get further down on the webpage at all to see other things that are below the video.

For now I kept the video smaller so that you can experience this on
Then I get another issue of the vimeo playtime-line being partly hidden by the menu bar.
As I’m a noob I didn’t change any settings except for the “loop and progress” to only get one slide :slight_smile: (I’m scared of changing a lot of things…)

As it is now I can scroll with the mouse on top of the video without issues. Or this happens only when it’s full screen? If so, can you set it to fullscreen so we can see what happens? Not sure how we could help though as this would be plugin-related, but we can give it a shot.

Think I found the issue, called my bf who tried both IE and Chrome. Turns out it doesn’t work in IE, which is what I’m using.
And I have to make it work on all browsers and devices :-/

I see. Indeed it doesn’t work in IE, only on the sides.
Played a bit with it on your site with the dev tools and I think I got a solution. Use this in a custom CSS plugin: {
    z-index: -1 !important;

Sorry, that’s not a proper solution as it doesn’t allow you to control the video.

Could you perhaps try using an Youtube or a self hosted video? I don’t think we have a solution for this at the moment so we’re probably going to have to ask the plugin developers.

This is going to be the homepage of a large nationwide project. A video will be integrated from the producers Vimeo Pro Account abroad, where we can get statistics out and see how many visits we get - and aesthetics are much better.

The current video is an example, the one that will be there next week is a longer (much larger file). We don’t want to risk hosting it ourselves since a lot of people will be watching it and we can not have downtime - so we trust Vimeo more.

I googled a bit and seems IE & vimeo embed together is a common problem :-z
Any ideas on how to resolve it, do we have to look into changing the whole page?
The video header is the “main factor” we need from a theme as we are marketing a film as the main part of an educational package.

No ideas at the moment, sorry. As you can see the scrolling doesn’t work on the Vimeo footer widget either. So as you noticed by googling, it’s strictly an IE+Vimeo issue.

Oh yes, same in the footer, thanks. Good that I use IE so I found out before the project launches. Maybe I’ll skip full size and hope the IE-people resolve this at some point.

In the smaller size the header gets a small white frame around it. I went into “Appearance” on the Revolution slider and set shadow type to “No Frame”, but it’s still there. Any idea on how to get it black?

That’s the default iframe border. You can remove it by adding this:

iframe {
    border: 0;