Video Widget not displaying properly when using back button Google Chrome/Opera


I’ve noticed an issue when navigating off of my main page and clicking the back button to return to the main page:

  • The three video thumbnails are all displaying the same video instead of each unique video (with VIMEO URL)
  • When you click on any of the video thumbnails, it actually plays the same video over (so its not just a thumbnail display issue)

-Browser is Google Chrome in Incognito, Opera Private Browsing

Any advice?


Hello Justin,

I have just checked your website in Chrome and Firefox but I couldn’t reproduce your issue, have you already resolve it?

Kind Regards, Roman.

Hi Roman,

No resolution yet. I’m wondering if this related to using an older version of Chrome. I tested on another computer platform with the latest addition and it functions normally.

We can call this “resolved”

Thanks for looking into this. Just thought I’d point it out in the event that users are using different versions of web browsers.



Okay Justin,

However, I think that it’s very important to use updated browser, at least because of possible security issues in old browsers.

Kind Regards, Roman.