Video revolution slider hides behind menu bar


In safari the video hides behind the topmenu bar. This way the top of the video is not completely visible. The video looks fine in Firefox and IE. Is there any way how to make the video completely visible also for Safari?

Thank you in advantage,

Bas is the website

Update: Firefox doesn’t work either.


I just checked Chrome, IE, Safari 5 and 9 and Firefox and it looks the same to me.

If it is cut off then maybe you’ve set the slider to full width and set a fixed height? That would cut of a bit from the top and bottom. But anyway, at the moment it looks the same across all browsers.

Hi Vlad,

Thank you for your super fast reply.

I tried everything before but now realised I had to click the “Save Settings” button. The problem was in the full width setting and is resolved now.

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