Video Popup is covered by the menu

I’m using ‘WP Video Lightbox’ to show videos on my website, as I think that way the videos can be viewed in a much nicer way. However, the popup of the video is still under the menu. So the menu is still covering the video :frowning:

See what I mean here: Under the section “Watch us in action”. Not the embedded video, but the thumbnail right beneath it. Click it and you’ll find a nice popup with the menu still covering it.

I’m not sure if this is a Theme or a plugin issue, so I’m issuing the question to both.

Anything we can do to fix this?


It’s neither a plugin nor a theme issue. The video container simply has a smaller z-index than the menu. Use this in a custom CSS plugin to make the video plugin go above the menu:

.pp_pic_holder {
   z-index: 100000;

You are a wizard, Vlad. Thank you.

A note if anyone else is experiencing this specific issue, I had to change it to:

div.pp_pic_holder {
   z-index: 100000;