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I have just realised that very recently (not sure if after the latest Sydeny Pro update) wherever I have a Sidney Video widget its size has changed and become much smaller than the container. The result is awful ( as video frames that used to take half of the width of the page now leave a lot of empty space around them.

The same happens if I use SIteOrigin Video Player instead of Sidney Video.

I have tried zeroing margin and padding within the widget’s layout options but no success.

Would someone be able to assist?


Hello there,

I am sorry to hear that you have run into trouble. I am happy to help with it.

Can you take a screenshot and put some annotations to exactly point me the way it should look? Upload your screenshot to a file hosting service like Google Drive and update me with the link here in your reply to this thread.

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It has taken me a couple of days to find this out, but now I’m certain that what is causing the problem is Sidney Pro’s update from 2.0.26 to 2.0.27. I’ve done this by restoring a backup from a few days ago and updating one plugin at a time and finally the Theme. The video frames are SiteOrigin VIdeo Player widhets. I have tried to use a Sidney Video widget instead but the result is the same. You can find a sample of what I mean here:


We’ve fixed this issue but haven’t released the update yet. Once it’s released, you can update to it and the issue will be gone.

Many thanks; much appreciated. Should I then wait for release 2.0.28?

Yes, it will be available on Monday or Tuesday.

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