Video Not Showing on Mobile

I have embedded a video to my home page, and that can be found here:

It plays fine on my computer.
However, on mobile, the video will play, but there is only audio (no video).

Thanks for the help in advance!


On what device are you checking? I’ve just tried your site on an Android device and the video plays both audio and video.

Thanks Vlad.


I have a Samsung Galaxy S3. (I am aware it is a bit old, but I have no use for more advanced devices).

I just tried the video on an iPhone 5C and it also works…

But I tried a DIFFERENT Galaxy S3, and it doesn’t work. What the heck…

Not really sure I can help here as this probably is between Youtube and the browser you’re using on your S3.
In what browser are you trying now on the S3? I assume the default one? Try it with a different browser.

Yeah, I completely understand that this is not a theme issue.

Thanks for your help though Vlad!! I am a brand new customer but I am loving the rapid support help.