Video not appearing

I’m trying to put a video on my front page in the “OUR VENUE” section. I have added a sydney video widget and tried using the url and the embed link but having no luck with it appearing on my front page.
the link of the page is
and the link of the url is

I wanted the video to be looped, on autoplay and also the colour of the volume bar to be “671599” a deep purple. I have managed to get the embed link of this to be:
<iframe src=“” width=“500” height=“279” frameborder=“0” webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>



sorry for the delay.
I think there is a bugs on displaying the video using page builder widget.
I will fix this on the next update of the theme.

okay, do you know if theres another way to show the video for now?

There’s nothing to fix here, the video widget that is part of the theme only works with video URLs. For example, if you add just the video URL you mentioned above it works fine, I just tested to be sure. It won’t work with iframes, only with urls from networks that support oEmbed.
I suggest you add your iframe directly into a text widget if you need more control.

Hi, I’ve tried to add the video, and it works fine now unless i change the padding of the widget.
Is there anyway i can make the video bigger through a custom css so it fits more of the selected column.

Bigger in what way? I see it’s filling the column left to right, as it should.

Bigger in the sense so it takes up more space top to bottom too

hi, i want the video on my website to either be centralised in that row, or to be enlarged so it fits more space in the row. At the moment, it seems a bit aligned at the top.