Video Link in Projects

Hi - how can I integrate a video in the projects section? I have add a new page and copied the vimeo Link in the input fild as shown. But there is no video or button for the lightbox. What do I have to take care of??? Many thanks for your help…

The same is happening if I write a url in the “project costum link” section - there is no Link shown on the page???

Hi M,

You can add the video text field from type > custom fields > edit the project data > then you can add a video field from available fields or from user created fields.

you have to give a name to the video slug field as video-url.

Hi A,

Thanks for your answer. What I like to ask is: If I like to add a video sorce from vimeo / youtube And like to do this in the project section there is an available space for that:

Video URL

Here you can add a link for a Youtube/Vimeo video that will be displayed in a lightbox when you click on the magnify icon. [will be available from Moesia 1.23]

And when I write there the URL of the video like:

there is no lightbox opening and no link or button shown to open the video.

If I embed the video with the <iframe> (I don’t really like that) it works.

Can you help me further??? Many thanks for that.

when you add your video’s link to the video-url text field, it should work and display the video within the lightbox.

you can send me an admin account to my email awan.rimbawan101 at gmail, hope I can help you faster.