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We have a video for the homepage header, and would like to know if there was specific specs for the width size of the video. We had a video before and it was full width (you provided the video for me at the time) and now we just switched the ID number for one of our own, but the video is not fullwidth, not sure if this is something I can fix with editing the size of the width of the video itself, or has to do with the revolution slider? I also would like to remove /change the color of the border from the video header, is it something I can easily find in css?

On another subject, how do I get this site to be multi-lingual? I would like to add 2 different languages as an option (link) to the menu page (spanish &English) Is there a widget that I overlooked? how do I go about this? Thanks for your help!


Are you sure it wasn’t a HTML5 video before? I don’t think you can get that vimeo video full width. The Vimeo video will always be displayed in full so it will be scaled down to fit. You could try changing editing the video file itself and make sure it’s 16:9.
That’s the default iframe border. You can remove it by adding this to your custom CSS:

iframe {
      border: 0;

Just adding a widget would, at most, translate your site with Google Translate. You would need to use a plugin for multi-languages. Polylang should probably be the best option.

Thanks- Adding HTML 5 video did it!