Video Header

Hello, I have Moesia Pro, and I’ve uploaded a video for the header. It works in Chrome and Safari, but leaves a blank header in Safari. Any advice?


Can you post a link to your website?
Also, you should use Revolution Slider for this. We’re probably going to remove support for the video header and slider at some point, since it no longer has much of a purpose.


Vlad, the link is
I do not see anywhere in the customization area where a video can be attached into the revolution slider, only images. I tried attaching a video yesterday to the rev slider with no positive outcome. Thank you for your assist!

You need to edit one of your slides (or create a new one) and click on Add Layer: Video ( You can add HTML5 video, YT or Vimeo and you can use them in full width or mix them with your images.

Vlad, thank you. I clicked on the link. I have never seen that screen. Exactly where do I find that in Moesis Pro?

Just to clarify: have you installed the Revolution Slider? It’s bundled with the theme and a notice shows up when you install the theme and it asks you if you want to install the slider too.

Feel free to send an admin account for me at vlad[at] if you want me to activate the slider for you and add a video.

Vlad, you input turned out helpful and thank you for keeping your hands dirty. Makes the purchase well worth it’s value.

I have another request; are you familiar with how I can add a horizontal footer navigation menu bar to my site?:

I own another site that has a nice footer across the bottom of the page and I’d really like something similar for the page listed above. My other page that is a sample for what I like is: I’m aware it’s a completely different theme. Thank you.


That’s not possible at the moment, but we’ll see about adding it in a future version.

Vlad, I am having a slight problem inside the moesia pro theme with the social icons. I used the FP: social to display icons on my front page. As such I do not know where to edit them. I need to place the URL’s in for the social sites I use, and remove some of the social icons for sites I do not use. Any advice? Hope you’re well. Thank you.

Never mind, I think I figured it out.

Yeap, looks like you figured it out :slight_smile:

Vlad, I’m back and I hope you are well. I need your help as I’ve worked for several hours trying to solve the following:

My navigation menu on my blog page has a problem with the padding(?). I worked in the theme CSS to try and resolve without positive outcome. Can you advise?

Well, you changed the padding as far as I can see, so there isn’t really a problem here.
You can use this in a custom CSS plugin if you want to center it vertically in the menu bar:

.main-navigation li {
   padding: 80px 10px;
@media screen and (min-width: 992px) {
   .is-sticky .main-navigation li {
      padding: 60px 10px;

Awesome. Just did it, and worked like a charm. I’m going to give you a shout out on my social networks for your customer support. Until we speak again…have a great year!

Vlad, I am unable to determine the best method to Optimize my site for mobile resizing. When I pull up my site on my iPhone, the front page displays several problems for viewing including: Our services(size of text so large that it’s creating unattractive wordwrap), and the Navigation menu.

I also see that my image and text on my Resources page does not appear to adjust properly. I still have a great deal to learn about CSS, HTML, PHP, and wordpress. In the mean time I’d appreciate your help. Thank you.


  1. I’ll do some optimizing for the titles in the next update. Meanwhile you can use something like this:

@media screen and (max-width:480px) {
    section .widget-title,
   .panel.widget .widget-title {
        font-size: 36px;

  1. Regarding the menu, I belive you’re referring to that huge padding you added for menu items? You can and should overwrite it for smaller screens like this:

@media screen and (max-width:991px) {
      .main-navigation li {
         padding: 10px;

  1. Resources page: everything adjusts properly, it’s just that you’re using widgets on that page and the content is narrowed down due to the padding. Don’t you want to use the front page template for that page?


  1. I was able to figure out how to place the custom CSS in for the first suggestion at 991px smaller screens and overwrite it…

  2. I was not able to find a place the optimize the titles in my existing CSS.

Since I am doing some training to learn how to stay away from these forums and figure out problems myself, I’m hoping this is the last time I need to reach out.

  1. The navigation menu bar is enormous on my site. Way too much padding around the menu options with the gray bar I have in place. Is there a specific place in the CSS where I can adjust the size of that bar to reflect what you have on your demo even if it means shrinking the logo? Or do I need to place specific code in the Custom CSS. I must have made that nav bar big in the past and do not realize exactly how I did that.??

Wait, I’m confused. Nr. 2 was about the menu, not the titles. The first point was about the titles.

That’s what I was saying about the nav bar -> you have a vertical padding of 80px for the menu items. The code I gave you at nr. 3 would reduce it at screen sizes < 991px, that’s when the mobile menu kicks in. You have that padding now because you wanted to center the menu in the nav bar a couple of posts back. Though I belive you changed you logo since then.

So lets take it one thing at a time. This will make the nav bar thiner on big screens, while also centering the menu vertically:

.main-navigation li {
    padding: 60px 10px 40px;

The other code I gave you in my last post for the nav bar will overwrite this big padding and make it small enough for the mobile menu.

I tried plugging that code in without success!

It’s your lucky day. I have one thing unresolved I sent to you and I’ve just created another. I went into the header.rev.php file to add the search bar to my navigation menu and it looks like shit. I deleted it from the PhP file and it’s not updating the site with the changes?

I tried going into my hostmonster account and when I viewed the same PhP file, it showed that the search function had been deleted as I wanted. However, the site still has the search bar. A carrumba. Any suggestions?