Video Header


Video Header is not showing up at all. I’ve followed the directions given in “Documentation” by uploading first to Media Library and then pasting in the link to mp4 file and checking the box “Check this box to display a video background for the header”

Please assist.




Your video background is working. Here’s a screenshot:

The thing is that you’re using a 3 minute video. I’m guessing it’s getting close to 100MB in size? You cannot expect it to load fast.


You’re right, I should shorten it. Despite its length though, it’s only 52MB in size.

It will only load in Safari and Chrome, I don’t see it at all in Firefox.

Also, is there any way to get rid of the gap between the bottom of the video and the grey header/menu bar?



I think you’ve deleted the video now? Let me know when you change it so I can check in Firefox. Normally Firefox has no problems in playing mp4, so it might be the encoding or the size.


Also, when you can, please make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at]athemes. I would like to switch your ogg support for webm. So if you add a mp4 and a webm version it should provide for better all around support of browsers.


I am trying to replace the video now, but every time I attempt to upload, the dashboard locks up and I can’t even reload the page. I have to quit and reopen the browser.

I can still upload images, but every video file I’ve tried only begins to upload and the bar freezes at 1%

Not sure why this is happening when it worked the first time. The new file size is only 62MB


I’m not sure why that is happening on your site, do you stil have free space available?

I do hope you mean that the new file is 6.2 not 62 :slight_smile:


I have plenty of space. It doesn’t matter what size/type of file, nothing is uploading.

Just trying to rule things out, but it did only start being unable to upload media after I updated the Moesia Pro theme. Could there be an issue there?

I even tried uploading through FTP and that’s not working either. Called host and they had no issues uploading to FTP. I have no idea what to do.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with the theme, but I just wanted to double check everything. Thanks for you continued help!


It cannot have much to do with the theme, but I just tested on both a local server and a live website and it’s working well. But you can always disable the theme and try with another just to be sure.

Anyway, considering the fact that it is not working for you even with FTP then the issue is pretty much not theme related, nor WordPress related for that matter.

If you checked and it’s not a server space issue, then I don’t have any other ideas at the moment.


Still unsure what the deal was, but I borrowed a friends computer and the video uploaded fine.

The video seems to play only in Safari and Chrome though, not Firefox. And the gap at the bottom of the video between the grey Menu Header is only present in Chrome.

Anything we can do about those issues? Do I need to give you an admin login?


There’s probably an issue with your browser, not sure what though. Have you tried uploading for IE or something?

Your video is playing for me in Firefox too, but make an admin account for me and send it to vlad[at] and I’ll switch the ogv format to webm and you should be okay. And I’ll handle the gap too, I just noticed it and I assume you mean the one on small screens.

Also, not sure if you noticed but we had an update about two hours ago and we included Revolution Slider in the theme package. You might want to switch to that cause it provides alot of great stuff for your header area.

Firefox screenshot: