Video Header not Loading on Phones but

I encountered an issue.
I added a video in the header media. it is working ok on pc and tablets but on phones it does not load up if I get to the main page the first time or if I reload the page but strangely if I click the home link on the menu then the main page loads with the video :confused: then after that if I reload the page the pages reloads but again with out video. :weary:
is it possible to force the video loading?




Background videos can’t play on mobile devices due to device limitations, but you can play the video using the video player controls ( this also may be different for different mobile devices / OS ), but background videos usually doesn’t auto-play on mobile devices.

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Yes I am aware of this, but as I tried to explain is that it actually works and actually auto play on my android phone BUT only if I get to the main home page through an internal link, like the HOME link on the MENU or the link on the logo or title of that web page, BUT if i get to the page from outside the the video does not load and that is the weird thing.

The I opened a thread specifically with another issue: the alternative Image I uploaded to load when the video does not load is not loading either. Sydney Video Header, alternative .jpg image picture not loading on mobile Phones

so back to the video, maybe there is some css or script to force the video to load? I think that maybe I need something like that for the alternative picture also

Did you get any answers? This is happening to me too and no one from aThemes seems to grasp the issue. It can’t be true that background videos don’t play on iPhones (only). My background video plays on everything else. And the background alternative static images isn’t showing up either. Just an ugly black box.

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Have you tried this custom jQuery code solution?

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