Video header has black bars on the side


I’m creating a website here:

I’ve added a youtube video as a header, but as you can see black bars appear to the left and right of the video when playback starts (both on desktop and mobile). The player does extend to full width, for some reason the black bars appear inside the player.

Uploading the video to wordpress and using that as a header fixes the problem for desktop, but created very weird behavior on mobile (if you click the play button, the video opens full screen on ios, instead of playing on the background).

The aspect ratio of the video is 16:9, it’s a 1080p video, so that shouldn’t be the issue, and before playback starts everything looks good as well.


It doesn’t look like a theme issue since Video Header feature comes from WordPress itself. But you can try to use another YouTube video and see if it works well. Also you can try to use forums to find a solution.

Kind Regards, Roman.

Thanks, will do that.

You are welcome,

Kind Regards, Roman.