Video BG Format

Hello Vlad, first thank you for Moesia PRO. It took me a long time choosing a single page theme that really pleased me. It was the free version that won me over and I got it yesterday.

My question is simple: To minimize the chances of videos giving problem with browsers (not IE, IE is the problem itself) I should upload the version Mp4, WebM and OGV also?

Slide Revolution there is room for it, you must place a link to all versions of the video or only two of them is enough?

In fact, I could find a free converter, his name is Miro Video Converter, but this software can only convert to OGG.

It seems to me that the theme itself, works with .mp4 + .ogg, but you yourself have recommended using Slide Revolution in another topic.

So my question: Can I use the .ogg file in place of .ogv in Slide Revolution configuration?

As the question is about the SR may not be your job to give support, but thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

Oh, This is my project:


Thank you for your kind words.

I definitely recommend using Revolution instead of the built-in video option.
You don’t need to worry about OGG, you can just add mp4 and webm and you should be fully covered.

I still have problems to work on the video background. Even using the Revolution Slider videos that are in my media library are getting the background all black instead of the video appear.

Know any tutorial that can help me?


Not sure a tutorial is needed for this. Thing is that there is no video here or there is something wrong with it:

This is the link you supplied for the video. Same happens for the webm version. I cannot even download it.

I understand. Here’s how I did:
I downloaded the video in MP4, used a software to generate the file webm, I uploaded the administrative panel of wordpress and used the permalink file. I’ll try to upload by FTP and see if it works.

But can you see that mp4 on your computer? Also, use this link for your mp4 so we can see if the problem is with the file itself or with your server:

I changed, but still failed.

Incidentally, the server is Windows, PHP 5.2.

Yes, i can. Look, the same revolution slider in another host.

Its works, a little slow to load the first time, but it worked normally.

Then there is something else wrong with that server or that instance. I assume that your website won’t stay there anyway?

It’s natural to load a little slow, it’s a 23.3MB video. The point is to keep it as small as possible.