Video background autoplay, loop and responsiveness

I searched for related topics but apparently mine is a brand new issue: working on the Website I successfully inserted the video background, but I’m still struggling to find a way to make it responsive and to have the autoplay and the loop functions active (even if they work perfectly in backend mode, while I’m logged in).
Could it depends on this string in my wp-custom-header.min.js

var e=this,t=document.createElement(“video”);“wp-custom-header-video”,t.autoplay=!0,t.loop=!0,t.muted=!0,t.playsInline=!0


which I found from the source
Thanks in advance for your reply


First sorry for the delay here! Seems that we missed this one!

I did a inspection in your website and can see that you already resolved that, right ? The video is auto playing and the loop is enabled.

OBS: Isn’t possibe autoplay videos with sound (maybe you already know about that). Browsers do not allow autoplay videos with sound.

Let us know if you need further help.

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