Very small font on iPad

I have a problem with one of my sites: when you scroll down a bit until you see this: on iPad (using Safari), the marked text is very small, smaller than the text below. Unfotunately I don’t have my iPad on-hand now so i can’t make the screenshot but it look like I just said. The problem is not present when using android phones with chrome or other browsers. Is it possible to resolve this?

And a second, small question (I don’t want to make a new thread) which ones of your themes support editing using Live Composer? It’s very easy to use in my opinion and, honestly, I can’t get used to other solutions.

Hello @prosid,

  1. Please try to do the following. Log in to your Dashboard, go to your home page, click green EDIT IN LIVE COMPOSER button in right bottom corner, hover over problematic text section and click on gearwheel, go to Responsive tab, make sure that TABLET section is selected, scroll right and change H3 - Font Size and H3 - Line Height from 13px to 18px, click green Confirm button, click Publish Changes button, click DISABLE EDITOR, click Confirm.

  2. Only West and West Pro themes are designed to work with Live Composer.

Kind Regards, Roman.