Vertical Mobile Unresponsive

I’m using this for a landing page for my app, but so far I’m noticing the photo I put for the main slideshow (I just wanted a static image so turned off slideshow mode) isn’t showing up properly on mobile when it’s in vertical view. Any thoughts here, I thought the template was responsive? My site is

Hello there,

Thank you for getting in touch. I thought that indeed the template is responsive, but doesn’t meet your objective yet. The static header image is a background actually. By default, its background size property is cover which behaves to scale the image as large as possible and maintains image aspect ratio (the image doesn’t get squished).

As a solution, I’d suggest the following.

  • Use different background background image in the smaller screen. Yo should use CSS media query
  • Use IMG tag instead of background
  • Slice your header image into three parts: main background, logo & tagline, app screenshot. Then arrange them by using HTML and CSS

If you have knowledge of HTML and CSS, it should not be difficult to do.

I hope this reply helps.

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