Version 1.72 DOES NOT WORK

When ever the Sydney theme is forced to version 1.72, I am unable to customize the site.
Going to customize the site will not display the content. I only see 2 bouncing balls, forever.
I got the WP Rollback plugin and went back to 1.71 which works fine.
However, even though I have auto-update disabled, version 1.72 keeps getting installed and breaking my site.
PLEASE fix the problem or take version 1.72 down!

Hi, It seems version 1.72 has broken a lot of peoples sites. I have used Updraft Plus to restore my back up of version 1.71 and I’ve also used plugin Easy updates Manager to block the auto updates. All seems to be working fine now :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks for the tip about Easy Updates Manager. My theme kept auto updating even though I turned auto updates off. At least now my site won’t go down every day or two.

Hi Everyone,

Please refer to this thread for solution to these issues since it sounds similar.

aThemes Support