Variations only change when main image is selected


We are running into an issue with the variations. When you click on a colour variation and a measurement variation it should pop up with the image of that product, however the image only changes to that when you have selected the main product image.

I can’t explain it any better than this so here is the link to test it yourself: It happens on each product and I already tested with storefront theme, it’s fixed then.

Changing variations only works when you have the first image in the gallery is selected see screenshot:

I hope you can help me fix this because it might cause trouble when we go live.

THanks in advance!



Hello Alan,

I am sorry, it’s a bug that should be fixed permanently in the next version update. Thank you for reporting it to us. We’ll be going to work on it. Please be patience.


Hi Kharis,

Do you have a quick fix for this right now or is the update coming next week? I cant really wait that long as my products are seasonal products.

Hope you can help!



@kharisblank was this committed to a later build? I am seeing this on my site currently and can’t seem to resolve the bug. No matter what I do NONE of my variation images are appearing when a colour/variation is selected.