Using two Service Types widget

Hi there

I have two questions about the service type widgets.

(1) For Services Type A, is it possible to have a slider? (So I have 6 or 7 services in the content with the assigned slug, the widget displays the first 3 but the rest are available using slider style navigation?).

(2) Is it possible to have the Service Widget used multiple times in the site but returning different services based on the assigned slug? I am trying to use it on my front page ( to bring one set of services and on my products page ( bringing a different set. It seems to bring the services content for whichever page I update most recently.

I have tried using Services Type A on the front page and Services Type B on the product page but am still seeing the same services content.


Hello David,

> 1

It isn’t supported by theme’s code at the moment. There is no way to do so, I am afraid. We can’t provide you code specific solution here as it isn’t an easy task to accomplish.

> 2

To display different output, you have to categorize your services. Then in the widget settings, enter the category slug into the field that says “Enter the slug for your category or leave empty to show all services.”.

I hope this reply helps.

Please feel free to open a new ticket if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.


Hi, thanks for the prompt response.

Re: (1). Okay. Thanks for clarifying.

Re: (2). This is not working for me. It shows the “FP Services A” widget as I’ve configured it on the page I’ve most recently updated. I know the slug categorisation itself is working because depending on which page is most recently updated, the different slugs are driving the different services being shown.

It is rendering the wrong widget entirely because it shows the widget heading depending on which page I most recently updated.

Is this a known issue? Or any suggestions for how I might work around this?