Using two different Demo


I am using default Demo but I would like to use Band Demo widget too only for one page. I only have widget when demo is active so is it possible to use both version?

I tried with Multiple Themes plugin but I have “Missing widget”…

How can I do please?

I only would like to import widget with JS… Like fp-portfolio-type-b.php or fp-discography.php but I don’t want any modification on my website.


Hello there,

As Band demo is actually a child theme; it’s separate theme that inherits some styles and functionalities from parent theme. Replicating it on a specific page is a complex task to do. Your best bet is to create a new site installed in your current site’s root folder. So you can access it with something like You can use any folder name, so that it’ll read like a page name. Or you can setup WordPress multisite.