Using the Theme


I currently use another Wordpress theme and I am considering moving over to use the Sydney theme.

I have multiple pages and categories on my website.

Would be able to advise how easy it is to move all my categories, pages and images over to the Sydney theme? I have had a go and struggled to customise it.

Is installing this theme effectively starting from scratch?



I’m not familiar with the theme you’re using and how it handles the content/if it uses custom content. Regular pages, categories and images are handled by WP, the theme just displays them so it shouldn’t be a problem.
Install and see if you like it, if not you can just switch back.

Hi Vlad, thanks for the reply. Currently using Urban Mag 1.03 by Goodlayers as my theme.

The biggest issue I am having is editing the Customising > Menu add items page.

The theme seems to be stuck or broken.



to test the theme would be a good option.

Just a few weeks ago I switched my theme too. It may be that your rows and so on are messed up, but with copy & paste the content, you should be able to quickly rebuild it in the sydney theme.

If you chance your theme, I guess it will never be perfect from the first time. You need to handle it.