Using the services function and/or building another page

good day,

perhaps I’m missing something. I’ve created a few services with associated icons. when i place a lot of text/pics etc in the “text” box it all shows when on the home page, becoming a loooooong thin paragraph of everthing i placed in the text box. I’ve tried putting a few lines in the “excerpt” window but then nothing shows up on the homepage.

when i select “view post” a page comes up that looks like a blog post with the service info i put in the "text’ field. I want people to be able to click onto the icon and/or excerpt text to goto that service page. do i create a separate page for that service description and then link the icon/excerpt on the home page to it or can i use the service “post” page to do this? and, how do i keep all the info from displaying in the excerpt portion on the home page ??


Hello Anton,

  1. Please use Insert Read More tag button when editing a service to limit what is shown on the front page.

  2. Please copy service Permalink into Service link field when editing a service to add a link to service icon.

Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.