Using Page Builder but not responsive

Hi, I’ve used Site Origin’s Page Builder and it looks fine on desk top, but on an IPhone it’s unresponsive, appears with big empty spaces/gaps in between the widgets. Any ideas? Is it the plugin or is it an issue with the theme? thanks (example page



It’s not an issue with the theme or the page builder. Those spaces come from:

  1. the padding you added around your images (the page builder doesn’t remove it on small screens) -> I can give you some CSS that will remove it if you plan to keep those paddings;
  2. the empty paragraphs and headings you have in your text widgets.

Thanks Vlad, don’t know much about CSS but if you give it to me I could find someone that does. cheers

You just need to install a custom CSS plugin and you’ll notice that it provides some space to add code. Just add this:

@media screen and (max-width: 1024px) {
     .panel-widget-style {
           padding: 0 !important;

Thanks again Vlad. Have done this and it’s definitely an improvement, but there are still gaps between text and images in places - it doesn’t seem to remove padding completely.