Using Elementor with Sydney


I was curious if Sydney is compatible with the Elementor page building plugin? If so, I’m using Elementor and having an issue where the font size, color, and some other things associated with the font wont update. The page I’m working on is

Thank you,

Hello Brian,

Sydney theme is compatible with Elementor builder as it has mentioned in the download page’s description.


The style setting you’re doing might be overridden by other plugin. Please tell me the specific part you’d like customize. Maybe we could use custom CSS code.


Hi Kharis,

Thanks for the response. Is there something else I can try before we start using code? I’d rather not have to write code every time that I want to edit text.


Hi again Kharis,

Is it possible that the text color/size that I have set as the default for the entire site is over-writing what Elementor is trying to do? It seems like maybe that’s the problem. If so, it would be great if you had some code to fix that.


In which section you’d like to change the styles on. What does the text read? Would you please let me know?