Using Bistro With Sydney

Good morning. I have used Sydney Theme in many installations and have had great success. I now want to use Bistro and it appears to only come as a Free Theme and if I read the details correctly, it is a Child Theme to be used in conjunction with Sydney Pro.

My question is: Do I installed Sydney Pro and then import the Demo Data as If I were normally installing Sydney, for a Sydney build out? If so, do I then install the Bistro and use it as a Child Theme, or do I install Sydney and not the demo Content and right away install Bistro?

Hope this isn’t to confusing, I just want to be sure I don’t over or under install what I need to, in order for Bistro to be used with its Demo Content.



Bistro is a Sydney Pro child theme. So if you want to import Bistro demo content you have to install Sydney Pro and Bistro, activate Bistro, and import demo content. If you import demo content with Sydney Pro activated, you’ll get Sydney Pro demo content. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have :slight_smile:

Kind Regards, Roman.