Using another child theme rather than the default them

Maybe I am so stupid I just don’t get this but the instructions seem to assume a lot rather than giving an exact step by step for downloading and using one of the 4 themes other than the default. Are there steps…yes I find some, but again they assume I am at a certain stage or page, but not start right here directions.


Please specify your issue more precisely and I’ll try to help you.

Kind Regards, Roman.

I learned Wordpress by building a simple page from a theme using one of those hour long YouTube guys. It was a great way to “build the pages they show you at the beginning.
But wanting something better, I thought I could purchase a “pro” then and simply change the text data and images, remove a section or improve on it, as I saw fit. But it doesn’t seem to work that simple.

I did finally stumbleupon the alternate child theme access late last night; downloaded the theme (yoga) and when activated it does not look like the demo but a blank template, like a blank blog page without all the sections in the demo.

If from the dashboard you go to download the demo, the demo button is for the default theme. If you “click here” because you chose to use an alternate child theme and not the default…it simply takes you back to the page where you originally downloaded the child theme. Sort of an infinite loop.

I can’t get the demo with all the sections that I want to customize. Do I have to build them from scratch?

Then out of curiosity, I download the default Sydney demo…same result, the header page is there but none of the sections in the demo.

My understanding is the theme would give me all the sections and pages and I would simply customize theme, not have to build them.


Hello Chuck,

You definitely should be able to import demo content, please check this Sydney Pro documentation page:

You should use Option 1: Automatic for Sydney Pro child themes. Please feel free to ask any other questions that you might have.

Kind Regards, Roman.