Use Hamburger Nav on all pages on all devices

Hi, I am completely self taught and have a handle on CSS. I am trying to use the hamburger menu on all pages on all devices, including desktops. My domain is

I have seen similar discussions on this topic and have followed the steps. I seem to be getting caught up on adding/changing the js.main.js file.

I’m starting a new post to remove any doubt as to what is the correct process. Sydney is such a great theme, I just need to figure this part out. Thank you so much.

Hello there,

Here is the possible correct process you can follow:

To disable screen limitation, at steps 4 and 3, you’ll need 9999px instead of 1280px.

Visiting your site, it looks like you’ve done a great job, though it is slightly different with the original look of Sydney mobile menu. But, personally, I feel it looks really nice.