URL for buttons in each of the blocks

Hello: I need to know how it works the URL for buttons in each of the blocks of services, employees, etc., I need you program them to move to the next block … My website is www.edutrain.com.mx
Thank you

Likewise, as I can get to just click on a menu item to go to the block assigned

Hello there,

To make the link scrolls to the certain section/block in the current visible page, the link’s URL must be filled with the ID name of the section target. It is preceded with a # symbol.

To know the element’s ID name, you can use the browser’s inspector. Please see this screencast https://cloudup.com/cIEIH89MsUT

You can create your menu item to behave like so using custom links. In the URL field, enter the element ID name, e.g. #elemID https://cloudup.com/cAhhhqG0NvT