URGENT - theme broken

Hi Vlad,
I went to update the theme on the site wsr.recycling.co.uk this morning.

The theme update failed, leaving the WordPress maintenance file in place and taking the site down.

My host has got me back into wp-admin but in Appearance - Themes I am getting a message that the theme is broken, so it has reverted to the default theme.

I’d appreciate urgent advice please. Neil


You probably refreshed the page or something when the update was happening.

Are you able to delete the theme from cpanel or FTP? After you delete it send me an email please at vlad[at]athemes.com and I’ll send you the theme if you don’t have it anymore.

Thanks Vlad.
It seems to be something with stringent file permissions in place by the host. I didn’t refresh the page.If I delete the theme and re-install do I have to rebuild content?

Perhaps if they changed something recently. Otherwise it should work because I assume you’ve updated the theme before. Or maybe you just got lucky and the updates server failed right when you were updating the theme:). Anyway, we had plenty of successful updates for version 1.34, so it’s not theme related - although your topic title would suggest otherwise:).

No, nothing on your website will change. You might have to refresh your page after you install in case you have caching issues.

Thanks Vlad - it’s the “Appearance - Themes” Sscreen that is saying the theme is broken, hence my title, sorry, but this is a panic situation!

I only have Control Panel access. So you suggest I delete the Moesia Pro folder in the Control Panel, go back into WP -admin and install the theme again. And my content will still be there. Is that right?


Yes, that is correct. Just make sure you delete only the moesia-pro folder.

If you already have an older copy of the theme you can re-install that one and we can see if it happens again when you update it from the dashboard.

OK, I’m back, installed using V1.20. Not getting an “update available” option yet though

I guess it should show up soon. If you want you can send me an email and I’ll send you 1.33. And then you can update to 1.34 when it shows up in your dashboard.

will do - thanks Vlad