URGENT! - Many site users complaining site wont load after update to version1.72

Hi, I, like many people have had problems with the new 1.72 Sydney update. I have done all the things advised in all the threads here, my caches are clear in all my browsers, I’ve turned off minify CSS, I’ve purged my caches. My site is working fine now… for me.
According to the amount of customers we have had complain over the last few days, that they cannot load the site and that they are just getting bouncing balls, tells me that the site is not working fine out there in the world of the net.
Surely you don’t expect us to have to tell every single user that they must first clear all their caches in order to use our website? That’s physically impossible, especially as we do not know every single visitor to our site.
What we do know, is that this issue is now costing us money as we are losing business because people cannot load our site.
Please come back to me with a solution to this problem, that will work for everybody, once and for all

Our site is https://tabitha-yoga.co.uk/


I am sorry to hear that you have run into troubles. I am happy to help out.

Please refer to these thread, which address to similar issues like yours.

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