URGENT / Home page KO!


My site is: apprendre-en-s-amusant.com

On my computer, I have a big problem on my front page.
Everything was nice, but suddenly, it is a blank page, with two dots dancing in the middle of the screen since Sunday !!

The strange thing is that on other Devices (telephone and iPad) everything is ok.

And I just communicated my new site, so I was very upset because they could not see the page !!!

Please help me, I am spending a lot of time by myself and I didn’t solve it. so I changed and put my blog page instead of my front page so people can see something.

I tried to des activate the plugins, no result.
I tried to des install / re install the Sydney portfolio zip file, no result.

Thanks for you help !!

Hello Celine,

I see you managed it? Everything looks normal when I take a look at your site.

If the problem is still there, delete the cache from your browser.

Best regards,