Urgent - checkout want to go live tonight

Urgent, we wanted to go live today, now its pm and still cant!!

With testing registration in Checkout an error kept popping up saying “Email validation is required” and would not complete registration!

Eventually after 100’s of attempts (of deselecting plugins, and coding etc) we found empty box just below address entry …we added email address here, now registration completes.

Our customers are NOT going to know this, unless there is a heading stating that EMAIL must be entered, they will leave this blank for sure, (it looks like part of the address details) If so the same error will keep occurring and will definately drive our customers away

How do we put that header in?

image to show what I mean

Hello Judy,

I tried to replicate your issue on my localhost, but I don’t see that field without heading.

Can you please make sure that it’s not added by some plugin?

Kind Regards, Roman.

I’ve checked too and it definitely comes from a plugin. Maybe this one if you have it: WooCommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife

So the field is not added by the theme nor is it added by Woocommerce itself as far as I can see.

I’ve had a look at your source code and indeed you’re using that plugin I mentioned. Note that for some reason it’s not available on the repository anymore so it might be security related.

Morning, yes, first thing I did this morning was deactivate all plugins, Swiss knife was one of them. After that registration worked perfectly to the end… After activating plugins again, not Swiss knife, Jetpack is still giving problems, if we activate Jetpack then it messes up our products page again…

Can you activate it so I can see? Most likely it’s only one of Jetpack’s modules that’s causing issues. I suggest you disable them on by one to see what’s causing the problem (especially the infinite loading module which TheShop isn’t compatible with).

Thanks Guys, I have managed to find and rectified all the problems. Incase this happens to others I would like to mention that the problems arose from Swiss Knife plugin - deactivated it for good. :slight_smile: