Upper row hides lower row (and parts of it's background image)

Does anybody have a solution for the following case:

I have a row with blue background containing a text widget
Below another row containing a text widget, and the text widget has a background image (because I wanted the background image in this row not to be parallax …which would happen if I add it to the row itself).

By the way the image is actually a png with transparent parts in the upper region. I wanted to overlay a bit over the previous blue row. But the blue row hides it, and if i set padding enough it’s not hidden but it appears ordinary white space.

What can I do? It’s probably because the text-widget (and it’s background) is lower than the blue row above. But if I add it to the row instead the text-widget it is parallax.
(rows need a “parallax yes/now switch”?! :wink: )

Hello there,

I am sorry to hear the trouble you are having. I would be more than happy to take of it for you. But, could you please share the link to the page in question, so I can take a closer look and be more exact? If you want it to remain private, please email me at kharisblank@gmail.com and enclose the link to this thread.