Upload theme issues

Hey Vlad
Thanks for this awesome site my friend.

However, the problem I am having is at the very start. You missed the first step which was telling us which part of the file we need to upload to get to:

Themes > Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File

What file is it that we upload?

There is a whole batch of files in the folder that downloads.

If I try to add ‘demo’ theme, I get this:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: astrid-demo-content.xml
Unpacking the package…

The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Any help would be greatly appreciated




I’ve updated the documentation.
You need to select the astrid.zip file which is the theme file.
Since you’re saying that you’re actually downloading a folder, that means your browser auto-unzips the .zip file so try with a different browser.
Point is you need to upload a .zip file, just like any other theme that you upload manually :slight_smile:

Hey Vlad

Thanks for that. Just went to another browser, it allows me to upload the Zip file, but then i get an error saying:

There is no WRX file

Any idea what this is?

Thanks mate


Where are you trying to upload it?

Apologies for this mate, but I just can’t get the theme up onto wordpress so that i can go on to the next step of customising it.

No worries, that’s why I’m asking where are you trying to upload it and you get the error?

Here’s where you need to upload it: http://snag.gy/V1hYi.jpg
So Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme.

You are on a self-hosted WP site, right? So no yoursite.wordpress.com?

Here’s a video of the process in case you need it: https://youtu.be/6iYSchtsUYY?t=91

Hey Vlad

Thanks for being such a legend mate. Tried that there and it still didn’t work.

Here is the site I’m using - I own the hosting and the domain already and I’m just trying to get this awesome theme up there.

Do you have an email address that i can send you the link to, to see if i’ve missed a button being clicked or something?

Thanks mate


Sure, vlad[at]athemes.com