Upload page, and page links

  1. Since a few days ago I have huge problems loading my website from various computers and laptops, but it still works fine using my smartphone. When trying to load, in the down left corner I see the message “Waiting for nugget5.pairserver.com” or “Connected to atahan.net”.

Is it because:
i) someone installed Google Analytics for me
ii) of the theme, somehow
iii) of something else ?

  1. Is it possible to remove the /index.php in the URL?
    For example change from bildakuten.com/index.php/pics to
    bildakuten.com/pics ?

Except for that I think you have a kick-ass theme (considering it is for free)!

Hello there,

And thank you. We are glad to hear that you like our theme.

  1. This is not from the theme for sure, but you can check if this is caused by some plugin, by simply disabling all additional plugins one by one, and by testing your site every time.

We have tested your site several times, and it is displayed fine on our end. Regarding nugget5.pairserver.com, we couldn’t find it, and it is not showing while loading, but atahan.net is present in the header ins two scripts, and is is immediately after tracking code http://screencast.com/t/DFUopsb60Tu so this is probably set by someone.

  1. Check permalinks from WP admin, but if index.php is not present there, then you are probably using hosting plan on nginx, and you should contact your hosting regarding this.

All the Best!