Upgrading to Sydney Pro


I currently have the free version of Sydney Theme and think it’s great. I now want to upgrade to the Sydney Pro. If I do, will I lose all the content I have already put in the free version? Or can I migrate that across? If so, how do I do that?



You won’t lose any kind of content, nor do you have to do anything to migrate it. But you will lose your changes from the Customizer because Sydney Pro is basically a different theme.

Hi, and thank you for a lovely theme.

I’m sorry for not starting my own topic I understand that is what we should do. Would you please guide me where I can find it? I have checked if it was possible in my profile when I was trying to add a profile picture. It would be great!

I have a few questions I need answered about the installation of Sydney (Free Theme). I worked a lot the last days and now done what I can, reading the demos etc. but now it’s definetly time for support in some issues.

This is the Link to my website: www.artministra.net

  1. On the first page I want the button to not just collect the correct CONTACT me page, but ALSO JUMP DOWN to “catch it”. I understood the # somehow has something to do with that. How do I make it like in the demo?

    In the menu I only want ABOUT, SERVICES, CONTACT like in the demo version. As you can see it is sooo many of my pages presented in the upper right corner and as well in the widget area in the bootom. How do I make it like the demo with only a few menues?

    I would like to Center Align the photo under Employees and it says where it can be done that “it depends on the widget style”. What do I need to think about here? It feels important, cause looks very empty.

    I want my clients to be be able to chose to be members and so installed a special plugin for that, but now I wonder: Does the pages allready included in the Sydney theme support that service? In that case that would be great to learn about. I’d prefer to stick with Sydney!

For information. I’ve got the translation plugin Polylang installed (In case that might not be compatible with Sydney)

Link to my website: www.artministra.net


Looking forward to hear from you!