Upgrading to Alizee Pro 1.14?

I am running WP 4.5 and Alizee Pro 1.13 and noticed that a new version (for both) is available.
Just informing about the changes to Alizee Pro 1.14 ?

I guess upgrading to 1.14 and keeping WP4.5 is safe ?

I also run a child theme of Alizee Pro. Should I just hit the upgrade button of Alizee Pro 1.14 without any further action ?


Yes, it’s safe to update, just using the update button if that’s available and it will surely work with WP 4.5 ( it’s compatible ).

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Thanks. Then comes my next question: WP 4.6 is also available. That means I should wait until Alizee Pro is compatible with WP 4.6 ? Or what kind of risk do I run when I would install WP 4.6 next to Alizee Pro 1.14 (or vice versa)?