Upgrading Sydney -> Sydney Pro


I have a site running on Sydney, and I just purchased Sydney Pro - short term to get rid of the “Proudly presented…”, but over the next weeks add some of the Pro functionality. However, when I switch from Sydney to Sydney Pro, the whole site reverts to the default Sydney Pro demo site.

Isn’t it possible to just switch Themes (from Sydney to Sydney Pro) - while retaining changes made in Sydney?




No, sorry. Different themes have different database entries so changes made from the Customizer are lost unfortunately. You can however keep two browser tabs open, one with your settings for Sydney and another one with Sydney Pro active so you can quickly copy your settings.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks for prompt reply. However - to be frank - I’m less impressed by the fact that you haver to re-do all changes when going Pro. Isn’t the whole idea with the free version to allow customer to try out the theme and then buy if they like it?

Also, although your idea with keeping two tabs open is smart, it won’t work unless I create a complete copy of the first site - right?



I know how you feel but there isn’t much we can do about it. That’s how WordPress saves the settings, that’s what it would happen with any other theme that follows the same sales method - free+paid.

Here’s what I meant:

  • activate the free version;
  • open up the Customizer, leave it like this;
  • open a new tab in your browser and go to your site;
  • switch to Sydney Pro from this second tab and then open up the Customizer;
  • now you’ll have two tabs open with two Customizers open, one for the free version, one for the paid version.

Hope this helps.

Hi Vlad,

Tnx! Just a question though: all details in the Customizer are spread out over different “tabs” on the page (eg “General”, “Site title/tagline/logo”, etc) - will these be cashed so that I can click around in my free version theme after switching to the Pro version?


Yeap, they’ll be there as long as you don’t refresh the browser.

Hello there,

I have purchased the sydney pro theme
But I am unable to add the services/employee/ testimonial. I have gone through the videos you have shared on the documentation page but it is showing different options in my we admin login. Can you please let me know how can I add services employee to the website

my website is - mobiaffle.com


The Types plugin changed a bit. Go to Types > Settings, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the import/export option. There you can import the settings file like you see in the video.
Please open up your own topics in the future so we can help you easier :slight_smile:


I want a refund! You mean to tell me that other companies have offered a free version then all you have to do is upload the paid version and all setting are saved and you guys can’t offer this. I want my money back! I spent allot of time on the free version thinking I could use it for my needs and now I find I need the paid version and all my work goes down the crap shoot!