Upgrading Moesia to Moesia Pro

Hello. Decided to spring the big bucks and upgrade to Moesia Pro. Is there a way to “unlock” Moesia to the Pro version without having to reinstall? Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hello there,

Moesia Pro is a separate theme that need to be installed and activated in Themes administration panel. Once activated, enable the license key in Appearance > Theme License menu.

To avoid loosing customizer settings, when free version is active, export customizer settings with this plugin. And import it after pro version and its license key enabled.

Read this documentation to know extra features in Moesia Pro.


Thank you Kharis, but that “Customizer Import / Export” gave me this error after I upgraded to Moesia Pro:

Error importing settings! The settings you uploaded are not for the current theme.

Also, after activating the license key I see this:

“License key is active. Expires September 16, 2019. You have 1 / unlimited sites activated.”

Does that mean my site will revert back to regular Moesia after 1 year?

Thank you.

I am sorry for the delay. That means you won’t get any access to any update coming in the pro version. But you’ll still be able to use the theme with last version you’re having before expiring.