Upgrading from Sydney to Sydney Pro

Hi, I want to know if I decide to upgrade to Pro, will I have to redo all pages and all settings again for the Pro version? Also, how can I rearrange the order of the Services?


You only need to redo the settings from the Customizer. Everything else will stay in place.

You can change the date for the services to rearrange them or if you have too many you can use this plugin.

Thanks a lot Vlad! The plugin worked great! I am having another issue with the slider images (have added 4) on the Front page. As soon as I scroll down and scroll back up, if the first image has slid by this time, the next image gets padded at top and there is a white block above it which now appears.

Also, where do you define the id of the section of the page so that I could jump from one section of the page to another using a CTA button?

The moment I use normal anchors or id attribute in the normal editor (outside Page Builder), am able to get to the section of the page calling #id_name but I loose all the theme formatting. Could you please suggest?

You cannot define your own ID in the Page Builder, you need to use the ones that the PB generates. Use the Chrome Dev tools to inspect your source and find them. Post a link if you don’t know how.

Yes, I got that to work using the Inspect Element.Thnx!
Couple more questions:

  1. Is there a way to change the stars which appear on the Sydney FP: List widget? Also can I make the list items split into 2 columns since its a long list?
  2. Can I make this list right aligned?

There was a link which took me to the demo page for Sydney where it gave me 15mins to look at the backend wordpress dashboard for the demo site you guys created. I am not able to find that link, could you please help me out?