Upgrading from Sydney to Sydney Pro (EXPORT/IMPORT?)

Dear Support,

my customer recently purchased the Sydney Pro Theme and I as the webdesigner don’t get it how to upgrade.
I already received this instruction: https://docs.athemes.com/article/111-upgrading-from-sydney-to-sydney-pro
but it does not help, because I cannot find the EXPORT/IMPORT button.
I also do not find “CUSTOMIZE”. When I click on “Appearance” (I guess it’s “DESIGN” in German) - I can only find the CUSTOMIZER, but there is no EXPORT/IMPORT Option.

Please advise.
Thank you very much

Hello there,

Ensure this plugin has been activated. While you’re still be logged in, visit this link (below) to open the customizer panel.


Scroll down, the Export/Import option should be appeared at the most bottom.


Hello Kharis,

YES, thank you very much!
My fault … I did not install the export-import-plugin before …

So now it works, thank you for your fast reply.

You’re welcome Anja!

Please let us know in a new topic if you have any further questions, or if we can provide you with any other assistance.