Upgrading from 1.50 to 1.51


i am using sydney pro theme for some time, version 1.50

There is an upgrade to version 1.51 but i am afraid to upgrade the theme in case i lose anything from all the customisation i have made.


Updates only erase code modifications to the theme files, if you have any (if you want to do code modifications you should do theme in a child theme or via the Additional CSS option in the Customizer).

It won’t erase customizations made through the options.

Changelog is here: https://athemes.com/changelog/sydney-pro/

Upgrading to 1.51 went excellent.

but today, upgrading to 1.52 got things a little messy.

my static front page isn’t loading as it was

i explain…

when someone enters www.xoreytis.gr it shows some messy things from articles from the front page and some seconds later comes loading the slider on the header… doesn’t look good !!!

all this time the slider was loading first and then everything else !!!

please advice…

this is what it should load first !!! the slider …

this is what i loads now first !!! a messy page… and some seconds later the slider


The only difference now is that the preloader (the bouncing balls) hides faster and thus it shows your secondary slider (the one under the header) before it has time to load.

You can delay it a bit by adding this in Customize > Additional CSS:

.preloader { animation-duration: 3s; }

You can increase/decrease the 3s value as per your needs.


any other idea , it seems not to be working 100%, i put 10s delay
but in the background i can see the second slider…

and putting delays in the front page isn’t a very good idea…

Try a hard refresh (CTRL and F5) to clear the cache, for me it looks fine and I think you can decrease those 10s more.

hi again.

it’s not working , i keep playing between 10-9-8-7-6-5 secs but always in the backgroun keeps loading first the second slider.

It’s even worse in the mobile version !!!

Okay, we’re probably going to go back to the original preloader as it seems the new one won’t work well in certain scenarios.
Meanwhile you can add this too to make it better:

@media screen and (min-width: 1024px) {
	#slideshow {
		height: 100vh;

Hi, it’s better this way but not perfect.

waiting for your actions…

thank you