Upgraded to Pro - Need help with a few things

Hi Vlad,

After upgrading to Moesia Pro, I can’t figure out how to fix some things. Hopefully you can help. Here is my site again http://www.kfbgold.com/ My questions are in order as they appear scrolling down the site.

  1. Revolution Slider: How can I put a CTA button on the slider area similar to the one that is in the header section of moesia free?

  2. Site Title in Menu block: Is there a CSS to make the title font smaller and to force it to stay on one line? Currently it is two. Maybe smaller font css would fix that?

  3. Text widgets/Rows: I scrapped the Facts widget due to the large numbers and comma issues. I’ve instead put in two rows one full width (with title) and one with 4 columns to be my “facts”. However, I’d like these to be in the same row so there is no separator. It doesn’t have to be how I set it up, but I can’t figure out how to “combine” these two rows or 5 widgets. Does that make sense?

  4. Contact Form 7 Widget: I’m currently showing two form 7 widgets (rows) for display purposes for you. I want to use the second if I can fix some stuff. The first is via shortcode in a text widget, the second is the proper Moesia FP: Contact widget. I have a css of - background: rgba(255,255,255,0.6); !important; - in the first one to give the opacity look behind the widget. I put this in the widget css. I tried the same thing for the Moesia FP: Contact widget but won’t give me the opacity I want. I tried it in the CSS editor as well, but didn’t do anything. Next the code you gave me to put a border around the map when I had it in the jetpack contact widget -
    .contact-map {
    border: 3px solid #3C3C3C;
    won’t work on the Moesia FP: contact widget. Is there something else I can do to make that border happen. Last for this section, is there a way to add sub-title text to the Moesia FP: Contact widget like I do in the contact form widget above?

  5. Footer Moesia Contact Info widget: Is there a way to force part of the address to break at a certain point (after Suite 550) and have the city, state, zip all on the second line. I tried a simple <br /> but that didn’t work. Also can the second row be aligned under the beginning of the address, rather than all the left?

Thanks so much.

Update: I figured out #2!

Update 2: Figured out a work around for #3. But still need help with the revolution slider, contact form widget, and footer widget.



Sorry for the delay.

  1. Revolution Slider provides its own buttons. There an Insert Button there when you add a new layer.

  2. It’s called differently so this is how you would add a border:

#map {
   border: 3px solid #3C3C3C;

You cannot add a subtitle, sorry.
5. That’s not possible at the moment but I’ll see about wrapping it in the next version in order to achieve this.

Hi Vlad,

Thanks much for your reply. I’m really happy I upgraded to Pro. Its a great theme!

Couple things. I figured out the buttons on the slider. Sorry I didn’t realize that before. First time using that slider. I got the map border set per your code.

One more thing from above I’m still hoping you have a fix for. In the Moesia FP: Contact widget (Contact Form 7).

1 - Include an opacity in the widget? It worked in the text widget as:

background: rgba(255,255,255,0.6); !important;

But won’t work in the Moesia FP: Contact widget. Do you have a fix I can use?

Thanks, Troy


Same as above, what would a css I could use to provide opacity for the Call to Action widgets as well? Again tried background: rgba(255,255,255,0.6); !important; but it didn’t work.


You can use this in your custom CSS plugin:

.contact-area .container,
.action-area .container {
     background: rgba(255,255,255,0.6);
     padding-top: 30px;
     padding-bottom: 30px;

Thanks Vlad. Worked great!